/Mak-su-zi-yah/ noun>Arabic
special gift; special relationship


It could have originated anywhere in a country in the mountainous Balkans. But it was created where my grandmother waited for her grandson every holiday. And she treated wounds and everything that hurt with rakija. Where the earth and its people are one. Where quality is tangible, recognized and already tested. Although we have great respect for moonshining, i.e. domestic spirits production, we wanted to rely on a proven manufacturer. On the slopes of Donji Skugrić, next to Modriča, you will find the most beautiful orchards and cutting-edge technologies of the Monogram® distillery.

It could have originated anywhere in a country in the mountainous Balkans. But it was created exactly where nature is still intact. Where the slopes of the Balkan Dinarides meet the Pannonian lowlands, where there are still clean sources of drinking water, where forests and plants, rivers and heights live intact and have smelled of flowers since the first days of spring. Where the most beautiful blue plum fruit is found, in late summer, when everything smells like it.

We are the Bosnian-Herzegovinian band Dubioza Kolektiv and this is our Maksuzija.

Our high-quality brandy is distilled from four different types of fruit, quince, pear, apricot and plum. Maksuzija is the passion, sweetness and steel will of every man whose free spirit has shaped the character and strength of these spaces. Everything that the Dubioza collective has been since 2003, when the band was founded under its current name.

Maksuzija is freedom and domesticity. It connects us on different levels and we want to have it side by side with what Scottish whiskey is, what British gin is, what German schnapps is. It is already a unique brand because of the idea it carries and the quality with which it
proves itself.

Our Maksuzija will not offer you a compromise, you will either love her at first smell and first taste or not – she will accompany you in dancing and thinking, just like the music of Dubioza – one thing is for sure, she will not leave anyone indifferent.